Business Games St.Gallen | Application
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Application Process

Find out how you can apply for the Business Game St.Gallen 2019.

1. Register and pair up

The first step will be your registration during the application period. During the selection test and the Business Game itself, you will work in teams and groups. However, you can do your initial registration alone and seek a team partner afterwards. After your initial registration, you will find a list of applicants who are also seeking a partner.


2. Take the selection test

Due to the set-up of the Business Game St.Gallen, the number of participants is limited to 100. Rather than having an unfair first-come-first-serve system, we want to have the brightest minds among the applicants to participate – that’s why there is a short selection test. The selection test will take place between 07 and 17 March 2019. You and your partner will have to take the test together, which means you have to be teamed up online before you start the selection test. Only one person per team of two has to submit the completed test. Communicating with your partner via Skype or a similar program will be enough. Find more information about the selection test here.


3. Recieve your invitation

The 100 best-performing applicants will be invited to participate in the Business Game St.Gallen 2019. They will receive their invitation at latest by the end of march.


4. Confirm and pay

Once you receive your invitation, you confirm your participation and pay the participation fee. Included in the fee is the participation in the event, all meals and, depending on your choice and availability, accommodation.