The Challenges

During the two-and-a-half days at the Business Game St.Gallen 2016, every team solved a number of challenging case studies. These were specifically developed for the participants of the Business Game St.Gallen 2016 and represented current business challenges our corporate partners were facing. The best teams made it to the Eloquence Final.


BDO Challenge

presented by BDO Switzerland

The BDO Challenge is all about branding. What does one have to look out for nowadays in branding? What are possible pitfalls? Show us what innovative ideas you have!


Nespresso Challenge

presented by Nespresso

The Nespresso Challenge is centered around Corporate Social Responsibility. Do you think you have what it takes to become a change maker?


Swarovski Challenge

presented by Swarovski

In the Swarovski Challenge you will enter a world of sparkle and exclusive jewelry. Take up the challenge and prepare to dazzle people all over the globe!


Zurich Challenge

presented by Zurich

The Zurich Challenge is all about the insurance of the future. Get ready to tackle digital transformation in the insurance industry in this thrilling challenge!


BMW Mini-Challenge

presented by BMW Group

The BMW Mini-Challenge is focused on the mobility of the future. There are different concepts out there at the moment. Convince us of your vision in this literally moving challenge!

Eloquence Final

presented by BDO Switzerland

The best teams will win amazing prizes and can make it to the Eloquence Final. There, the brightest minds compete against each other. Demonstrate what you and your partner are really capable of. Convince the jury and become the winner of the Business Game St.Gallen!

How does it work?

You will always work in groups of four, consisting of two teams of two.

The groups have a limited time to come up with creative solutions.

For every challenge, the teams will be re-assigned randomly.

On Saturday, each group presents their solutions to every challenge in front of a jury.