Business Games St.Gallen | The Event
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The Event

What is the Business Game St.Gallen, when does it take place and why should you participate?


The Business Game St.Gallen is an international case competition, connecting the corporate world and the students. During three days, 100 students solve five different case studies in various business related fields. The students participate in pairs. For each case study two pairs work together, forming a group of four people who solve the challenge provided by the corporation.



The event targets final year Bachelor’s students and Master’s students from all across Europe who want to bring their theoretical knowledge into practice, compete against other bright minds, and broaden their network. They sign up in teams of two. After having completed a selection test, the hundred best applicants are invited to participate in the event.



The Business Game St.Gallen takes place in April 2019. It starts with a Welcome Challenge on Thursday, 25 April and ends with an award ceremony on Saturday, 27 April 2019. During the event, the participants solve each case study (between three and four hours each), present their solutions to a jury and spend the remaining time networking with both students and company representatives.



Located close to the UNESCO abbey district of St. Gallen, our event takes place at the Executive Campus of the University of St. Gallen. St. Gallen is easy to reach, both by public transport and car.



The Business Game St.Gallen aims to combine theory and practice by creating a link between academia and the corporate world. Initiated and organized by a team of students from the University of St.Gallen, its goal is to establish a platform where real-life cases are solved by students in a challenging and inspirational atmosphere.