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The first edition of the BGSG took place in 2013. We asked one of the founders, Alexander Müdespacher, how it all started.

How and where was the first time you came into contact with a Business Game?

My friends Charles and Tania, who I got to know in a group project at the University, had the idea of starting something similar to the Business Game in Brussels. Since they were still looking for someone for the IT tasks, they asked me to join. At the beginning everything was still a bit uncertain because we needed to get partners as well as enough money to start the BGSG, which thankfully we did in the end.


What was your motivation to found the Business Game St.Gallen?

I have always wanted to join a cool student initiative at the University and when I heard about the Business Game, an initiative that we could build up from scratch, I was all in.


What do you think is the USP of the BGSG? What differentiates the BGSG from other Business Games?

Compared to the many recruiting events at the University, where the main goal is to get to know the company, at the BGSG the students have the chance to really get involved in a topic and learn how to solve a problem. The cases are also not too long, so that every student has the chance to work on many different cases. The other great thing about this Business Game is also that we managed to build a community with students from all over Europe who come to St.Gallen due to our good reputation. I think the big diversity is the main USP of the BGSG!


Please tell us about your favorite experience during the BGSG!

When I think back I remember the sleepless nights the team had in order to organize a well-planned event as well as the goosebumps of the participants when they started to work on the cases.