BGSG17 – The Fourth Edition



Corporate Partners in 2016

Five Challenges – solved by 100 participants in groups of four

BDO Challenge

Students were asked to take the role of BDO as an advisor to a fictional client ‘Slow Mover AG’. The task was to shorten the closing (of financial statements) process from 60 to 30 days.

Swarovski Challenge

How can Swarovski double it’s business of Christmas ornaments within two years? A simple question but a difficult task for our participants.

Parsaco Consulting Challenge

The Roaster Case: to come up with a name, brand and innovative concept for a coffee chain in Switzerland.

SWISS Challenge

The students were asked to put themselves into the role of the SWISS traveller in 2025 and suggest out how SWISS should answer to the demands of this next generation of travellers.

Syngenta Challenge

Suggest a Public Affairs plan which addresses all relevant stakeholders. Goal: to create higher consumer acceptance of new breeding technologies in agriculture.

Winning teams

Please find a list of all winners of the five Challenges and the Eloquence Final here.

Impressions from the Challenges

Impressions from the event

Take a look at the recap of the 2016 event here.
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