Business Games St.Gallen | Selection Test
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Selection Test

The selection test of the Business Game St.Gallen has to be completed by every applicant who wants to have a chance to participate in the event. Why is there a selection test? Because we have about 300 applicants, but can only invite 100 of them. This selection will be done on the basis of the results of the selection test. In the following, you will find some general information on the selection test and how you can take it.

When can I take the selection test?

The selection test will take place between 8 and 13 March 2018.

What will the selection test consist of?

The selection test for the Business Game St.Gallen 2017 consisted of 3 parts: GMAT questions (30 minutes, 20 questions, sample questions provided below), business cases (15 minutes, two cases) and and an essay on a provided topic (30 minutes, 2 topics to choose amongst).

How is the score calculated?

For GMAT and business case questions: 1 point for a correct answer; -0.25 for an incorrect one. Essay: the TOEFL evaluation criteria will mainly be used. But we will also take creativity into account. After the scores have been calculated for the three separate parts, the final score will be calculated as a weighted average, using the following weights for the separate parts: GMAT 40%, business case 25%, essay 35%.

What score do I have to achieve in order to get invited to the event?

You do not have to have a specific score in order to get invited. Amongst all the test results the teams with the highest scores will get invited. So the 50 teams with the highest scores will get an invitation from us.

Provided below are some sample questions, very similar to how the questions for the GMAT part of the selection test will look like.