The 5 Steps to solving Case-Studies


The Business Game St.Gallen is coming closer! We finalized the application period this past weekend and the invitations have already been sent out to the 50 best teams. Given the high number of applications we have received this year, we are quite confident of having the best participants in Europe compete amongst each other in the upcoming two-and-a-half days of unlimited case-solving extravaganza!

Here, we provide you with 5 tips which will make it simpler for you to go about any business cases you might face, either in competitions, or in real-life!


Develop a realistic understanding of the company’s or the division’s present situation – why has the firm been successful? Where has it been unsuccessful? Why?
Idea & Vision
Find the insights regarding the business in the near future and in the longer term – vision of the company’s positioning in the future business environment.
Paving the way
What are the decisions on different product/market segments to focus on and an estimate of the demand in these different segments?
Develop an understanding of the firm’s competitive advantages in each segment and identify capabilities requiring further work.
Taking action!
Concrete actions, responsibilities, numerical objectives, and the creation of a proactive, motivated spirit in the organization.

Once you answer these 5 points, step-by-step, any case can be made simpler and solved quickly. Of course, you need to manage your time as well!

Best of luck with solving cases, and we cannot wait to welcome you at the BGSG16!

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