The smart way to pack your suitcase

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Not sure what to take with you for the Business Game St.Gallen? No worries, we’ve got you covered and created an exclusive packing list with all belongings you need during your trip to Switzerland!

  • Please bring your own laptop and maybe also your tablet to access all relevant materials and to successfully solve the cases. All other material, such as paper and pens, you needn’t worry about.
  • As the electric sockets are Swiss, please don’t forget to bring an adapter.
  • As the adapter is worthless without the cables to put into it, do bring the power cords for your electronic devices.
  • Bring a suit and a couple of shirts/blouses as the dress code is business.
  • The time to solve the cases is limited – keep the time in mind with your watch!
  • After a hard party on Saturday, you possibly might need some Aspirin.
  • As the St.Gallen weather is typically not that good, please also bring an umbrella.
  • You will be in Switzerland and no, we do not have Euros. So if you’re planning on bringing your boy- or girlfriend or your mother a nice souvenir, make sure to bring at least a little bit of Swiss Francs along or have a generally accepted credit card (Visa or MasterCard) with you.
  • Allthough St.Gallen is a small city, you might get lost or would love to use Google Maps to find your way. Without access to the internet this can be pretty difficult, so try downloading an offline map (e.g. CityMaps2Go) prior to your departure.
  • Last but not least, don’t leave your team spirit at home and make sure you pack a grain of luck
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