Working at Swarovski

From left to right: Floriane Metz, Ruth Poleschuk, Shari Keller

Floriane Metz – Head of Global Delivery, Branding & Communications

Do you have one secret advice for young graduates?
You were probably told all your life that having good grades matters. It does. But only up to a certain point. Once you start your career, forget about your academic world and embrace your new company culture. It’s not about getting the individual best result, but it’s about leading people, navigating through ambiguity, and creating added value for business. As a straight-A student it took me a while to switch my mindset from “I have the right answer” to “let’s ask good questions to relevant stakeholders”, or from “how unfair this is!” to “what can I do next to drive it differently?”. Today at Swarovski when I hire someone, I don’t look at the grades but I first look for the right personality and then for the top skills required for the job.

How do you ensure your personal work-life balance?
I love my job at Swarovski which makes it easier! As an ambitious young mother I preserve my personal work-life balance by making sure I spend quality time with my family. I very much appreciate the working time flexibility I currently have: I leave work early to spend the evening with my daughter and I finish my work once she’s asleep. All my colleagues know by now that they cannot count on me for a meeting at 5.30pm, but they all know the job will be done and they can contact me per e-mail or whatsapp if urgent.

Choose 3 adjectives, which describe your company the best and explain why they fit your company.
To me Swarovski in 3 adjectives is like our brand:

  1. EXTRAORDINARY: at Swarovski there is always this touch of craziness that makes an ordinary working day special. Be it from an unexpected decision making, a super exciting new project coming to your desk or a spontaneous laugh with your colleagues.
  2. DARING: at Swarovski each employee has the opportunity to put forward a proposal and make a difference. The entrepreneurship culture from family roots and early retail time is still on. When I started at Swarovski, coming from L’Oréal, I kept on challenging the existing just for the sake of showing recommendation power, and I was taken by surprise when I was told to go ahead, lead and implement. Then I thought twice before adding so much workload onto my plate!
  3. IRRESISTIBLE: specifically in the marketing division, because we love the brand and the products, still bringing Daniel Swarovski’s vision of a diamond for every woman to life and reinventing it today!

Ruth Poleschuk – Director Marketing Crystal Living

Why did you choose Swarovski as an employer?
First and foremost it is the products and the material, the history of the company and the fact that it is still a privately held company, the international flair.

Please describe a typical day at work at Swarovski.
During my commute, I try to frame my day and set priorities. Once at the office I normally check emails, the day is very much filled with meetings and ad-hoc tasks. For important tasks I block my calendar and I also try to make room for socializing.

What entry-level job opportunities are there at Swarovski?
Product/marketing manager: responsible for dedicated products and managing them across the entire lifecycle. A candidate will need to have a sense of aesthetics and a willingness to understand the product, as Crystal Living is a niche business.

Shari Keller – HR Business Partner

What do you like about your job?
What I love about my job is the variety and the speed. Each day is different and brings with it new experiences and learnings that allow me to grow and develop constantly. Before my current job, I was in Talent Management in a strategic role. I then felt the need to go back to an operational role in my current job as an HR Business Partner. Both experiences were amazing but what I love about being in this role is the constant contact with people and being close to the business.

How do you ensure your personal work-life balance?
I have already worked at Swarovski for 8 amazing years. I had different stages in my career from internship to working 100% and more, a sabbatical to take care of my son, and now in a part-time job that gives me the opportunity of being part of an amazing global company, focusing time on my family and in the meantime building my own business on the side. At Swarovski I could find the right balance depending on the different needs and stages in my life.

What characters/skills are you looking for?
“Hire attitude, train skills” – For me this is my motto. I look for people who are competent and clever so that they can develop easily and learn fast. However, the most important factor for me is the attitude. I look for a “can do” attitude, people who are willing to go the extra mile and that look at solutions rather than problems.

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